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Analytics in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has a sound edge over other conventional approaches to marketing due to its feature of publishing analytical reports. These reports provide full visibility to where your marketing dollars are spent and analytics to understand what channels or solutions work for your business. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram or a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing; each one has their own distinct procedures for reporting. To an extent, it might get confusing on what metrics should you look at to determine the success of your campaign.

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools which saves you from the guessing game and displays the full statistical data about the visitors, traffic channels (direct, organic, social, paid search, referral), site content with respect to page views, user behavior and audience statistics. It represents a detailed picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your different marketing channels to evaluate everything from SEO performance to email marketing.

ReachLocal Digital Marketing

The section of Site Content enables you to apprehend statistics about All Pages, Landing Pages, Content Drilldown and Exit Pages. Moreover, it also helps to understand the behavioral affinities of your target audience to help with your conversion optimization strategy. Marketing analytics empowers you to frame productive strategies and enables you to get value for every marketing dollar spent. Leveraging the insights shared by analytics, you can get the competitive advantage by consistently making improvements in the measurement of key metrics and ROI capabilities.

What We Do 

Business Analytics team forms the core function at ReachLocal India Office. Professionals in this team are skilled in providing a simplified explanation to the complex or complicated concept for any business query raised. With strong scripting and SQL query skills, the team is able to provide consolidated reports from the database which help in giving valuable insights about the business in a structured way. We target 3 main categories of analytics reports:

Automation and Analytics: Automation of reports for various ReachLocal Products like ReachSearch, ReachSEO, ReachDisplay and Reach Social Ads using the database from our proprietary platform. Formulation of user-friendly analytics in reports and the use of graphs to improve the understandability of various trends (graphical representation).

Custom Reports: Publishing custom reports on the performance of those high-value advertisers who spend more than $15K with ReachLocal. These organized reports help analyze the performance dynamics of the campaign with respect to product and location up to the search engine level.

Internal Business Reports: Provide business level reporting, incoming volume trend analysis, campaign status insights, SLAs and key metrics performance updates.

Delivering with a Team of Industry Certified Professionals

Our Business Analytics professionals come from a strong Finance and Statistical background. Each team member is fully trained on the key deliverable for all our business verticals. Their analytical reporting expertise enables business verticals to make the right decisions generating deeper insights into the ROI.


Easy to read detailed reports showing key performance indicators and insights at products and market level.


Using our Proprietary Platform we are able to publish multi-channel, across publisher level campaign performance reports in order to help you make informed decisions.


Our trained professionals are able to deliver all kinds of custom reports based on your business requirement.

Why Is Digital Analytics Beneficial To Your Business?

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Increase your advertising effectiveness with analyzing consumer behavior and contextual targeting.

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Combined view of campaign performance across all publishers gives the flexibility to drill down and analyze trends.


Advertisers spending >$15K get the flexibility of custom reporting to understand location level and cross-platform performance.

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Build a sales forecast or leads pipeline with business level analytical reports.

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