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Nikhil Wadhwani Software Engineer in ReachLocal India concentrating on laptop while working on his laptop

I joined ReachLocal (India) on 3rd February 2020 as a Software Engineer. Never in the wildest of thoughts did I think that things would turn out to be so great and so haunting at the same time. It has been 40 days that I have been working at home. From a shift in routines to a shift in attitude, not only me but the entire nation and the world have seen a big change.

For me, this lock-down and the pandemic has been something of a learning curve. I have thought every day in the last 40 days, of doing only one thing living my life to the fullest. I kept in mind the responsibilities that I carry as a ReachLocal (India) Employee and a son to my house.

I would like to also share how I have gradually grown in this company even during such a crisis. The best thing I can take out of such a crisis is how it has got me so close back to my family. The responsibilities that I could not take are something I make sure I follow now.

Being a family guy is something I have always had as a strength because families let you through all the difficulties in life. So, ReachLocal (India) has helped me grow as a person because they did what not every company does for their happy employees. They treated me as a family. From hand sanitization to keeping in mind how well is a ReachLocal (India) Employee feeling to ensuring a lockdown even before the Nation declared it. Coming to work from home and the learning curve, my team leader ‘Milap’ showed leadership support in every way and senior employee coordination motivated me to learn daily and be trained with knowledge even though at home.

Coming to this pandemic, yes, it’s dangerous, yes, it’s taking lives, yes, we are not at a good mind-space; but yes, we should, we can, and we will bring down this pandemic at all cost.

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Nikhil Wadhwani