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Enriching Client Experience through Integrated System

ReachLocal is the only digital marketing company that offers a full suite of online marketing and optimization solution supported by dedicated experts. Our product strategy aligns with our overall company vision of becoming essential to both our consumers and our clients. We do this by offering our all-in-one Total Digital Marketing system.

Let’s drill this down a bit further to have even a closer look at our integrated marketing platform. Marketing is not only a word; it’s a complete world for an advertiser to acquire customers and win their confidence. The eventual goal of any marketing plan is to find those unique ways which help to match your brand to the needs of your target audience.

Products & Technology by ReachLocal India

We do the same thing but in the most cost-efficient style and through multichannel and cross-device attribution. Our data scientist effectively use historical data to drive predictive analytics and customer-centric messages in order to deliver the right message to the right user. Using Java and related technology stack our core developer’s work on next-generation open source technologies and products. Our product developers are self-starters with a strong passion for technology and development of consumer and mobile software solutions using Behavior Driven Development (Cucumber) and Test Driven Development Technologies.

In order to support our Product Developers; we have our Business Systems and Architecture team that enhance and maintain applications that support ReachLocal advertising platform by leveraging PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and other HTML5 technologies. Consolidating all that we have to offer comes through our Proprietary Platform. We have recruited top-notched professionals in our Production Engineering group who take the responsibility of 100% uptime of our platform. The competences of our experts are not limited to just monitoring the production systems, our Product Engineers are also utilizing their energies in designing new graphs, tuning thresholds, looking for anomalies and hunting down issues that happen in production. Overall our product and technology teams work together to drive engaging and compelling experiences for our consumers.


Get more leads and build your brand by advertising to local consumers as they use search engines, surf top sites on the web and spend time on social media sites. From search engine to display to social media advertising, our digital marketing solutions get you real results.

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Search advertising that gets you leads from consumers who are ready to buy

Reach Social Ads

ReachSocial Ads™

Mobile and desktop Facebook advertising that drives awareness, engagement, and leads

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Retargeting advertising that keeps you top of mind with consumers who visit your website

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Display advertising that builds brand awareness with your target consumers online

Reach Display Geo

ReachDisplay™ GeoFence

Precise location-based mobile ads target consumers based on their proximity to a specified location


You need a total web presence to get seen where consumers search local businesses, surf and socialize.

Reach SEO


Advanced local SEO that increases search visibility and drives more site visits

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Optimized and managed local directory listings that drive leads from local search and maps

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Mobile-responsive website that captures more leads and comes bundled with ReachEdge™ software

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Web presence and content marketing that improves your brand’s visibility and reputation online

Reach Live Chat


Live chat service helps you get more leads from your website


You need an easy way to track our leads and turn them into customers. ReachEdge Software does just that, so you can make the most of every opportunity to grow your business.

Leader Management

Lead Management

Centralized lead inbox showing calls, emails, forms and chats, enabling you to manage leads and respond quickly

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Marketing Automation

Customized marketing emails and team communication tools sent automatically to help you earn more sales

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Easy-to-read online reports that show you leads by marketing source, like search advertising and SEO

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