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In this cyber age of competition, brands and businesses are striving hard to find more efficient techniques to spend their marketing dollars. Today’s online generation wants to explore the finest options available in the market. So, targeting the right audience for cost-effective conversions, requires the visibility of your brand expertise at the right place and also at the right time.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay per Click (PPC) as it is commonly known, falls under the category of Online Marketing in which we place your brand advertisements on search engines via texts in form of ads. It is a vital strategy to uplift the prominence of your brand in the crowd of competitors. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are powerful search engines where your PPC campaigns are run to provide an instant traffic boost to your business. It is critical to allocate budgets across all publishers in order to target the most comprehensive group of people.

Another important factor to consider while running your SEM campaign is to know the Quality Score of your business. A good Quality Score is important because it affects your Ad Rank and typically means higher placement on the search engine results page and decreased cost per click. All of this is

search engine marketing by ReachLocal

driven by one single element “keywords”. Choosing your keywords is important because this is how search engines will determine when to show your ads. Having the right combination of ads, keywords and search engines will help you get in front your target audience with search advertising.

What We Do 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the largest part of Media Operations Business Unit at ReachLocal, India. We are committed to provide you a unique experience by boosting your exposure and reach to the potential customers via Search Engine Advertising. Differentiating factor for ReachLocal as compared to any other agency is our proprietary platform. It is an interface that allows us to manage campaigns by making automatic changes and taking intelligent decisions based on the dynamic principles which generate leads for our advertisers. Our platform is connected to all the major publishers at the backend giving us an edge to effectively manage your marketing budgets based on conversions.

With a historic footprint of 10 years, we cover 98% of places where people search your brand. We are proud to announce that we are the eminent winners of Google’s Quality Account Campaign Awards, thrice in last 4 years. Google’s recognition is not less than a prestigious batch on our shoulders. It recognizes us as a professional team which conducts a “highly relevant” campaign in the premises of searches. Moreover, we are Google Premier Partner, Yahoo Preferred Partner, and Bing Elite Partner. All these facts are appointing towards our ultimate quality services and dedicated passion to see improvement in the business of our clients.

Delivering with a Team of Industry Certified Professionals

Our award-winning Search Marketing team discovers new horizons to provide a fully optimized solution to achieve sustainable results in the competitive market scenario. Our team of talented professionals is equipped with all the updated information and matchless knowledge to deliver you our high-value service stream. We know how to extract the finest results when it comes to online advertising. Leveraging industry best practices and historical data available from our 10 years of operations, our experts are well equipped to manage international campaigns across various business categories. We also provide specialization in managing campaigns for a complex business category like Automobile and Education. Our focus is to provide compelling reasons to your audience so that they start thinking about your brand name with a purchasing attitude. Our profile has its own language and to speak about our expertise:

  1. A 4-week rigorous training of our professionals and hands-on practices
  2. 100% Google and Bing Ads Certified Specialists
  3. Account managers supervising a portfolio of 100 – 150 search campaigns with an average budget of $1500 to $1800
  4. Specifically trained in campaign analytics and troubleshooting technical issues for non-performance
Certified Professionals at ReachLocal India

Search Engine Marketing Experts use our proprietary technology to manage campaigns which satisfy specific advertiser objective within the prescribed budget.

Certified Professionals at ReachLocal India

From over 10 years, we’ve been helping local businesses in their search campaigns. Automation plays a key role with 19000+ clients running 10000+ campaigns which ensures that we utilize our prime energies on adding value to the business.

Certified Professionals at ReachLocal India

Better Quality Ads can lower the cost per click and upgrade the ad visibility. Get exposed to Google Best Practices and leverage expertise of running quality campaigns across different parts of the world.

Why SEM Is Beneficial To Your Business?

ReachSearch™, our search engine advertising service, puts your ads on top of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, along with dozens of local directories, so you reach more searchers than ever before!

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Proprietary Technology That Does What No Human Can

The budget is optimized up to twice daily across all publishers. We’ll drive traffic to the best performing keywords and publishers automatically, and eliminate spending on poor performers as well.

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Up to 500 Tried and True Keywords for Your Business

Data from more than one million search campaigns is used to get a customized list of geo targeted keywords that ultimately help in driving more leads and capture new business.

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Message Extensions and TotalLive Chat

Text exchanges are managed and saved through our TotalLiveChat software, allowing you to keep those business texts organized in one place vs buried in a cell phone.

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Mobile Optimized Experience

Every single lead is valued; Ads are fully optimized for mobile searchers as they can click to call or text directly from the ad.

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Transparent Reporting

With online and mobile reports, you can assess the real-time data like site visits, calls, emails, and forms submitted which gives a clear insight about the performance of the campaign.

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