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#StayHome #BeSafe

Priya Agarwal wearing specs while working from home on her laptopFor the longest time ever, there was one thing common to employee wish lists across the world “Work From Home” and COVID – 19 made this wish come true.

While it’s a dream for many people, there is another set of people that find it difficult. WFH for most people means chilling in sweats or pajamas all day, laying on the couch, snacking often (I am one of them 😜) but for many suddenly having your dining table pull double duty as your desk can be.

So, here’s my story what is work from home to me….

We are 3 peoples at home Me, My Husband and My Brother-in-law. The first month was full of excitement that there is no traveling, no early wake up’s, new cooking experiments, more time with family.

But then sooner it started becoming very difficult to manage as there’s no outing, no meeting with people’s, no beaches, no theaters it’s like the same day every day. As there’s saying, “Human is a social being”, but only one thing that we can do “Stay home and be safe”. So I have again started planning my schedule by adding more activities, again waking up early, exercise, playing games online and offline with family/friends, Social meetings through Video calls.

In this situation, our leadership support arranges Fun Friday games to stay connected with ReachLocal Employees and motivates through sending cheerful quotes with Good Morning messages.

I don’t know what will be going to happen tomorrow but both experiences are good. Now what I miss most from the office days are my Happy Employees, Employees Co-ordination, and Tea Breaks. It was more pleasing to be all together in the office than to interact through various communication platforms.

Also, there’s one more side when WFH will get over we will miss this time as well.

So, enjoy what you have now everything has its own importance. “All the best to all, Stay home and Be Safe”.



Priya Agarwal