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ReachLocal India trainer Harshil Patel sitting near window and working on his laptopHi,

Hope you & your family are safe & fine.

I am Harshikumar Patel, working in ReachLocal (India) as a Trainer. As one coin has two sides, in a similar way there are many positive & negative things that I have experienced while working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown in India. But when we have been told to write down the story for work from home experience, so it is difficult to mention it on a piece of paper.

I have started work from home on the 23rd of March 2020, day started differently. No morning rush to reach on time in office, no need to dress up properly as we do when we use to go for office, not saying anyone to “Good Morning”, no breakfast break, etc.

Suddenly it has been changed to logging into the system on time, in this way I saved my traveling time.

I have a missed office environment, which includes a desk, chair, surrounding cubical nature, a ReachLocal Employee who sits next to me, training room. Eventually, it has been taken place by sitting with 2-3 pillows at back, 1 pillow in lap, sometimes sitting on a sofa, chair, floor, next to the window, and next to wife.

At the time of logoff, while working in the office we were saying “Chalo Ab Ghar Jana Hai”. While working from home it feels like “Already Ghar Me Hu Aur Kitna Ghar Jau?”. But it takes a long day especially for that day where I am fighting with Internet issues, Screen sharing issues on the team/zoom call, solving doubt on the cell phone with the ReachLocal Employees, and to make them understand, I have learned to provide online training to a team member without whiteboard and markers.

I feel like all days are the same, with no different feelings for the weekend. This has been stopped eating all outside food, but it helps me in other ways by saving some money on unnecessary spending & improve my health issues. My wife has cooked different types of testy food for me & always ends up the day with “Kal Kya Naya Banau?”.

Social distancing is having been stopped to meet office colleagues, friends, family members, relatives. But we find another way by doing a video call.

By looking at this lockdown scenario, I have seen a problem/situation that is there, but at the same time, it helps me to think about it and how to find a better solution to this.

I have taken this work from home as an opportunity and learn something new in life.

Thank you and stay safe!!



Harshilkumar Patel