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#WFH #CopeUp

Hi team,

I have written a short story on how I managed to cope up with my work during this lockdown.


I, Georgina Taylor joined ReachLocal on 19th February 2020 and completed my training on 19th March 2020 and right after lockdown started from 25th March 2020.

I was lucky to get buddied up with Sana Shaikh, the amazing training given by Ashwini and Sana’s explanation gave me the confidence to perform my duty on resolving campaigns all by myself.

I thought work from home will be a challenge for me but I always had my team members having my back and always there to answer any questions I ever had. I was always treated like a team member and not like a new joiner.

I am thankful to have Deepica as my mentor who took time from her very busy schedule to review my cases so that I learn and also don’t do any mistakes.

I honestly thought how would I manage all this by myself being at home but my team and Deepica made it easy for me.

My doubts were always given Priority and were solved. I have learned a lot from ReachLocal related to knowledge, discipline, team bonding, etc. and I am looking forward to serving my company to the fullest.

Staying Home and Fighting against COVID-19 is not an easy task, but we need to work as a team, so we can get through this tuff time, and someday in the future return to our normal lives which we all are waiting for.

A big thank you to my Team.



Georgina Taylor