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#WFH #Family #Officemates

Garima Sharma proxy team employee sitting next to her desk at home with coffee mug kept on tableHello Team,

It’s been almost 2 months of lockdown and we are doing great in our professional lives with a new experience called ‘WFH‘. The whole world going through this pandemic.

Personally, I hate working from home and feel like it’s a punishment. Working from home is going like a swing: UP and down. I am playing many roles at a time a responsible ReachLocal Employee, good housewife, caretaker, and chef sometimes 😋.  Which is undoubtedly upgrading my skills in cooking as well 🙂. I never imagined that I could manage the household stuff even after doing the 9 – 6 office work commitment.

We try to stay connected with the morning catch up named as ‘Daily briefing’ on #Teams. We sometimes welcome our morning by solving riddles for a good start. We have good leadership support. Thanks to our team lead @Joseph, Jacob for keeping us updated on every minute change we have.

Work from home is making it easier to plan my time, to do some workout, and spending time with family by cutting down the traveling hours. But I must say being at home for most of the day felt unnatural and I do miss my ReachLocal Employees. It is always good to be together in terms of employee co-ordination than to interact with any communication platforms.

Hope to see everyone soon in the office. Take care Stay home.


Thanks to the @HR Team for letting us express our words.