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First & for most working from home is not that simple.

While working from home you need to concentrate on work as well as family requirements. Sometimes it feels like you are a football & both sides are playing with you? but because of this, you learned a lot about how to balance your professional as well as personal life.

Jokes apart I am enjoying working from home as I can spend more time with my family, enjoying healthy food, got some time to workout & even learned lots of new dishes which I love to eat. ?

ReachLocal supports a lot with the useful information about the updates during these quarantine days, IT guys help us when the systems are down like the way they help us at the office.

Our leaders are very supportive when it comes to doubt or any issue I am facing. Because of daily team briefing, I am still connected to my fellow team members as well which feels good?

I even played “Ludo” which happens to be an amazing game with my Team Leader – Jacob, Director – Bhavesh Sir & Colleague + Friend – Harshada which I think would not be possible if work from home would not have started. We a whole team used to play Fun Friday at the office but I don’t think anyone would have played sitting at home with office mates after working hours.

Lastly, special thanks love to my family members they are very supportive & the ReachLocal too for allowing WFH during these quarantine days as most of the companies were not allowed to do the same.

This is my “Work From Home Story”.


Have a wonderful time Team-HR? such activities feel more refreshing.


Thanks & Regards,

Mayuri Choche