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Starting from humble beginnings, the history of ReachLocal India dates back to 2006 with less than 10 employees. Today ReachLocal India office is spread across 3 floors in the commercial premises of Express Zone diagonally opposite Oberoi Mall on the Western Express Highway with 500+ employees and our success story is still to be continued. At ReachLocal India, we believe in open work culture and provide you with a stress-free environment that motivates you to come to work every single day. Our world-class infrastructure designers know how to design a productive workplace. Our workspaces are built to enhance collaboration and sharing of ideas within teams that’s why you will not find any walls on the open floor. We love our people, so we keep them healthy and happy by providing a work-life balance, an in-house cafeteria providing delicious meals at reasonable rates, and play zones to keep your mind fresh and active. We also have Hangout zones for team briefings and project collaboration.

Let’s begin our journey from the initial point of interaction – The Reception!

What do you as visitors look forward to before you step into a professional setting? To be able to prep yourself before a meeting or an interview? A formal yet spacious and calm waiting area? Our reception has got everything covered for our guests.

Our staff is committed to welcome our guests and serve them the best assistance to fulfill the required procedures and direct them to the right point of contact.

It’s creatively built and designed keeping in mind the office aesthetics as well as following professionalism throughout. The front desk staff at ReachLocal is solely dedicated to visitor management.

Paying a visit any time soon? We love visitors and we are keen to help you have a considerable experience here at ReachLocal.

We at ReachLocal believe in providing the best possible work atmosphere for our employees. Our office has a modern workspace design with rich furniture making it look elegant. We provide dedicated work desks that are 5ft. wide giving personal working space to each employee to be able to work flexibly and be comfortable at the same time. Creating an environment where people are happy to work is more important to us.

Our custom-designed workspace is fully equipped with utilities and top-class services to help our employees prosper. Our spacious cubicles with designated storage systems provide personal space to each employee by allowing them to not get visually distracted while at work. In addition to all of it, we also provide amenities like:

  • Adequate lighting
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Friendly and helpful reception staff for assistance
  • Enhanced Housekeeping services
  • Professional spaces for social events/conferences
  • Hygienic and pocket-friendly cafeteria
  • Timely Sanitization and Disinfection of the premises
  • Clean restrooms on each floor
  • Outdoor Hangout area with natural lighting

Imagine having a few spare minutes from work and not knowing where to go?

ReachLocal India surely knows how to keep its employees refreshed and energized during the day. Our relaxing hangout area or like most of them say the de-stressing area is the space where employees get to take some time out from their heavy work schedules to simply sit back, take a breather and gather their thoughts while sipping on a cup of coffee.

An airy and cozy space to take a little escape from the never-ending work routines is what the employees genuinely need. Whether it’s spending some time alone, connecting with colleagues, conversing over group discussions, our hangout space is just the right place to reach out.

The entire area is creatively designed keeping in mind the sense of calm one would probably walk in to seek for. Is it even a hangout zone if the whole point of taking a break is not fulfilled?

Who doesn’t like relaxing on a couch after sitting straight back up on a work desk for hours? We all do. There’s truly nothing better than having a place to hang out with your teammates and feeling homely in the middle of work.

One thing that gets everyone excited, FOOD!

Our Cafeteria has a good mix of fun and comfort for all the employees. Amidst all the work pressure during the day, all you need is some time to unwind or maybe grab a quick snack. While the café constantly has people coming in, all of us need to follow the necessary safety measures during these tough times. We at ReachLocal make sure we are at par with that.

In addition to that, the most critical part is the hygiene of the place that involves food. We take all the safety precautions right from sanitization and disinfection to crowd management and distancing. Being mindful of the COVID19 conditions as well as company guidelines, we at ReachLocal have a set of rules and etiquettes that every employee must abide by within the office premises. Although we might hate to do it, let’s just all accept this ‘New Normal’.

Long gone are the days when all we had to do is just walk in the cafeteria, catch up with friends, have a cup of coffee/tea, and resume work with a smile. It’s best for us to unfailingly maintain social distance at all times.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

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