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Facebook Advertising that Drives Awareness, Engagement, and Leads

The whole landscape of digital marketing got a twist after the launch of Social Media platforms. The modern world is fully optimized with illimitable and infinite communication opportunities. Either you believe it or not, half of the world population already has an account on Facebook. In such a scenario, it is critical for every business to showcase a progressive brand image on social media to appeal to its potential customers. Focused marketing strategy on social media can help you reach and engage with consumers before they “search”. Facebook has become omnipresent and acts as a motivational force to direct the buyer’s journey from intention to purchase. It has achieved the form of a potential search engine which has an edge over the other giants like Google and Bing. Unique opportunities available only with Facebook:

Social Media Marketing at ReachLocal India

Targeting: Either your product/service is location-based, age-focused, or lifestyle-centered, you can target your ultimate demographic strata.

Visibility: With over 50 million business pages on Facebook, advertising gives a distinct identity to the promoted content and even has the power to supersede the potentials of organic reach.

Brand awareness: Through a wide variety of compelling adoptions, your advertisements enrich your reach to a new audience so that your company can exploit alternative opportunities to amplify its marketing range.

Traffic: Advertising can go beyond the walls of Facebook by plugging the customer straight into your website/online shop with effective and unique approaches.

What We Do

ReachLocal provides an all-inclusive Facebook Advertising Solution to make your reach possible to the billions of users via your business messages or compelling offers. Our comprehensive Facebook advertising program works with your budget and business goals. Our Digital Experts not only manage your campaign and track performance but also report results like engagement, visits, calls and form submissions. Using Facebook’s unique feature of contextual targeting we are able to reach the most interested consumers showing them authentic ads with a persuasive call to action. Needless to say, your campaigns are optimized for best results so that you can reach your business goals quickly and cost-effectively.

Delivering with a Team of Industry Certified Professionals

Right from setting up your Facebook campaign to managing it daily for optimization our experts are trained to deliver the best. Our certified Facebook Professionals meet the rigorous standards of Facebook’s Blueprint Certification giving them the domain knowledge and power to plan, build, and manage a successful campaign. With the different types of Facebook Advertising solution available with us; we are able to match your business need with an appropriate product.

Social Media Marketing at ReachLocal India

Our team of experts monitor your campaign to pinpoint the right Facebook user based on location, demographics, interests and online behaviors.

Social Media Marketing at ReachLocal India

Our products are designed to engage your audience when they are using Facebook on their computers and mobile & expand your reach to Instagram and Facebook Audience Network.

Social Media Marketing at ReachLocal India

Build your presence with social ads that perfectly complement search advertising and SEO.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Beneficial To Your Business?

ReachSocial Ads™ is a powerful, comprehensive Facebook advertising service that cost-effectively builds your brand, drives measurable results, and meets your unique business goals.

SMM Beneficial by ReachLocal India

Website Clicks

Entice more visits to your website with custom Click to Actions designed to increase conversions.

SMM Beneficial by ReachLocal India

Facebook Audience Network

Expand your advertising reach beyond Facebook with content on hundreds of apps within the Audience Network.

SMM Beneficial by ReachLocal India

Instagram Ads

Meet your website clicks, lead ads and retargeting objectives on Instagram tool. With over 800 million monthly active users it’s a great addition to your social advertising mix.

SMM Beneficial by ReachLocal India

Lead Ads

Simplify lead generation with in-ad forms that make it easy for the right prospects to contact you.

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